Action Alerts
AB 2303 (Bloom) State Recognition Program of Multiple Pathways to Biliteracy$0 $0On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, AB 2303 (Bloom) will be heard andvoted on in the Assembly Education Committee. This bill would:$0$0$0$0Establish a state recognitionprogram for school districts with articulated and comprehensive multiplepathways to biliteracy programs preK - 12th grade$0$0Define the criteria for receivingthe multiple pathways district recognition$0$0Provide descriptions of programmodels and language learning opportunities that can be combined intocomprehensive pathways, prek - 12th grade$0$0$0For more details download the attached fact sheet on the bill.$0$0 Take Action Now!!! Download the sample letter,sign it and fax to Assembly Member Joan Buchanan at 916-319-2187 to support thepassage of AB 2303. Have others sign a letter and fax today
AB 2303 (Bloom) Fact Sheet download
Sample support letter download

Oppose Elimination of Spanish Language Arts Achievement Assessments
On Wednesday, May 1, 2013, AB 484 (Bonilla) will be heard and voted on in the Assembly Education Committee.  This bill would reauthorize many state assessments while eliminating others by "suspending" these tests.  A test to be eliminated by suspension includes the Standards Test in Spanish (STS) for next year.  AB 484 calls for an extend process, if funding is available for this purpose, to decide whether it is needed or necessary to develop a new Spanish Academic Achievement test.  The uncertainty of whether there will be a Spanish academic test and/or when it would be implemented is a major catastrophe for English Learners. 

Californians Together has a position of "oppose unless amended" on AB 484 in order to address the two issues of primary language assessment for English learners.  We need everyone to download the letter below and email a copy to Assembly Member Joan Buchanan, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee at
Sample Letter on AB 484 download

Oppose Diminished Services and Programs for English Learners
The governor has proposed a new education funding formula for California schools called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).  His intent is to equalize the funding across districts and give additional funds to support services for English learners, poor students and foster youth.  This would repeal the Economic Impact Aid (EIA) and replace it with the LCFF. On first blush this makes sense.  But there are significant problems with the formula and its impact on English learners.  We need each of you to sign the letter attached below (you may personalize) and send it to Assembly Member Joan Buchanan, Chair of Assemble Education.  The letter needs to arrive by Friday, May 3, 2013. 
Letter to Assembly Member Buchanan on the LCFF download

Write to State Board of Education to Approve New English Language Development Standards
On November 7, 2012 the State Board of Education will vote to adopt the newly revised and aligned English Language Development Standards (ELD) to the English Language Arts Common Core Standards.  Letters need to be sent to the State Board of Education Presidents, Dr. Michael Kirst.  Email the letter below NOW!
Sample Letter to State Board of Education download

Governor Sign AB 2193 (Lara) -Long Term English Learners
AB 2193 (Lara) sits on Governor Brown's desk and we need him to sign our bill.  AB 2193 begins to address some of the recommendations from our research and policy document, Reparable Harm:  Fulfilling the Unkept Promise of Educational Opportunity for California's Long Term English Learners.  AB 2193 does the following: 1) establishes a statewide uniform definition of Long Term English Learners (LTELs) and a student at risk of becoming a LTEL and 2) requires the California Department of Education to report the numbers of each cohort of LTEL students to each school and school district.  Please read the action alert and email the governor NOW. 
AB 2193 (Lara) LTEL Action Alert download

Do Not Flex the Economic Impact Aid Funds
Governor Brown proposed to fold into his categorical flexibility program the Economic Impact Aid funds (EIA).  This means that approximately 1 billion dollars targeted for economically disadvantaged students and English learners can be used for other purposes, including non-instructional purposes, as determined by the district!!  The EIA already provides maximum flexibility so long as the funding is spent on the two-targeted groups of students; economically disadvantaged students and English learners.  In this time of limited resources, it is critical that targeted funds remain targeted to the most vulnerable students that need the extra assistance and attention, including economically disadvantaged and English learner students.  Say NO to "flexing the EIA" - sign the attached letters and mail them immediately. 
Oppose Flexing EIA Leno Letter download
Oppose Flexing EIA Blumenfield Letter download

SB 1719 (Fuentes) ELD Supplemental Materials Aligned to the Common Core
AB 1719 would provide supplemental instructional materials aligned to the California Common Core Standards for language arts and English language development standards for use for kindergarten and grades 1 to 8.  This is necessary because educators have called for creating a "bridge" of support to the California Common Core standards since it is projected that the full instructional materials in mathematics and English language arts will not resume at the earliest until 2014 and 2016 respectively.  Sign and send this letter. 
AB 1719 Support Letter download

Write Now to the Governor for State Seal off Biiteracy and English Language Development Standards
Please take 5 minutes to email the governor requesting his signature on AB 815 (Brownley) State Seal of Biliteracy and AB 124 (Fuentes) Alignment of Revised ELD Standards to the Common Core.  Read the Action Alerts for more details and a sample letter.  
AB 815 Action Alert download
AB 124 Action Alert download

AB 815
AB 815 (Brownley) theState Seal of Biliteracy is now on the Governor's desk. The Governor willonly sign this bill if hears from many organizations and community membersasking for his signature on AB 815 and this means YOU! Email:  Click on Contact Please follow the "Email the Governor"instructions. Type "Other"in the "ChooseSubject" box then hit "Submit". You are now on theactual "emailpage". Fill in the "Pro"box and for "Subject"type "Request forSignature on AB 815 - the State Seal of Biliteracy". Writeor cut & paste your letter into the "WriteYour Email" Box and then hit "Send Email!"It sounds more complex than it really is...please send letters via email toensure expeditious receipt of support letters by the Governor. Please act NOW!
Sample letter AB 815 download

AB 124
AB124 (Fuentes) isone of the most important education bills providing critical support tostudents who are English learners. AB 124 would require the StateSuperintendent of Public Instruction, in consultation with the State Board ofEducation, to update, revise and align the English Language Developmentstandards to the new State Common Core Standards in English Language Artsadopted August 2, 2010.Sendletters of support to Governor Brown by Email.  Click on Contact Please follow the "Email theGovernor" instructions. Type "Other" in the "Choose Subject"box then hit "Submit".You are now on the actual "emailpage". Fill in the "Pro" box and for "Subject"type "Request forSignature on AB 124 ". Write or cut & paste your letterinto the "WriteYour Email" Box and then hit "Send Email!"It sounds more complex than it really is...please send letters via email toensure expeditious receipt of support letters by the Governor. Please act NOW! 
Sample letter AB 124 download

Support AB 815 and AB 532
AB 815 (Brownley) would establish a “State Seal of Biliteracy”, a voluntary program, to recognize high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in one or more world languages, in addition to English. AB 815 (Brownley) would ensure that high school graduates seeking this state recognition would meet specific rigorous standards established by the state, regardless of which district or school they attend. AB 532 (V. Manuel Perez) will be amended to eliminate references to the current assessment system so that only the future/successor assessment system is affected and references to“modifications” to the test will be eliminated. Additionally, an amendment will be included to clarify that the bill is referring to an existing advisory committee, work group, task force or technical assistance as specified. We believe these amendments address the costs identified by CDE and the Committee consultant.
Send Support Letter for AB 815 (Brownley) State Seal of Biliteracy download
Send Support Letter for AB 532 (V. Manuel Perez) Pupil Assessment Amended download

Support AB 815 (Brownley) State Seal of Biliteracy
AB 815 would establish a “State Seal of Biliteracy” to recognize high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in one or more languages in addition to English. This recognition would be in the form of a state insignia that can be affixed to either the high school diploma or the transcript of high school graduates. AB 815 would ensure that students seeking this recognition meet specific rigorous standards established by the state. We need letters of support to be sent to Assembly Member Brownley - author of the bill NOW.  See attached fact sheet and sample letter.  Send a copy of your letter to
AB 815 Fact Sheet download
Sample Letter download

Action to Save the EIA Funds
Everyone read this action alert and email or fax your senator to save the EIA funds in the proposed 2011-12 budget.  This is the only state funding directed at English learners.
EIA Action Alert download
page 2 action alert download

SB 930 (Ducheny) Assessments and ELs
We need to pull out all the stops NOW!! Do you want to change California’s flawed accountability system? Do you want to ensure that teachers and schools (especially schools with significant numbers of English learners) have data that accurately measures the academic performance of English learners?
SB 930 (Ducheny) Action Alert download

AB 1741 (Coto) Charter Schools
We need your help now!! Do you want to make sure Charter Schools provide an appropriate and quality education to students who are English learners!!  Contact your Senator in their Capitol office and ask him/her to vote “yes” on AB 1741 (Coto) Charter Schools.
AB 1741 (Coto) ELs and Charters Action Alert download

Proposed Mid-Year Budget Cuts – Help the Most Vulnerable and Poor Students
Call or write your representatives and oppose the Governor’s Flexibility Proposal for Categorical Programs and ask for new revenues to avoid large mid-year cuts.

Budget Issue Paper download
Spanish letter to Gov. download
Budget Issue Paper/Spanish download

AB 1871 (Coto) Authorization for BCLAD
Support Letters to the Governor Now!!! Multiple routes must be made available to educators seeking the state authorization to teach in bilingual and dual language immersion programs! AB 1871 (Coto) will make this possible. 

Action Alert AB 1871 (Coto) download

AB 2531 (Mendoza) and SB 1607 (Romero) Reading/Language Arts Materials for English Learners
The right tools to help English learners acquire English while acquiring academic content are critically needed. 
SB 1607 (Romero) and AB 2135 (Mendoza) provide a practical solution; a curriculum and a
comprehensive reading/language arts program (including textbooks in English) designed specifically
for English learners (especially those with little or no English skills). Send letters to the governor now.
AB 2531 (Mendoza) and SB 1607 (Romero) Reading/Language Arts Materials Action Alert download

State Board of Education to Act on NCLB Accountability Plan

On Thursday, March 13, 2008, the State Board of Education will consider the plan to implement a series of actions for school districts that have failed to meet “No Child Left Behind” benchmarks know as “Adequate Yearly Progress” or AYP. Contact State Board President, Ted Mitchell.

NCLB Program Improvement Action Alert download

Seal of Biliteracy and Spanish Standards Test for Dual Immersion Programs
Letters need to be sent to Senate Education Committee to support the creation of the California Seal of Biliteracy to be affixed to high school diplomas or transcript and to approve the administration of the Spanish Standards Test for English only students in Dual Immersion Programs.
Support AB 252 and AB 280 download

State Board of Education to Consider Regulations that Would Limit a Parent’s Right to Choose A Bilingual Program
Letters addressed to the State Board of Education to protect a parent’s right to choose a bilingual program for their child.  Write to influence the language in the regulations to implement Proposition 227.
Insist that prop. 227’s Waiver Provisions are Enforced download

Governor Vetoes SB 1969 (Escutia) Designed to Accelerate English Acquisition and Achievement of English Learner Students
By not signing SB 1769 into law the Governor has ignored the please of over 40 school districts calling for new materials to accelerate the learning and reading of English.
SB 1769 (Escutia) Vetoed by Governor download

Oppose AB 1874 (Daucher) Categorical Education Block Grant
AB 1874 would create a schools site block grant of all categorical program, including the Economic Impact Aid funding.  Send letters to oppose this bill that would allow the redirection of these funds for other purposes.
Oppose SB 1874 download
Sample Letter download

California’s Board of Education to Adopt Reading/Language Arts/English Language Development Textbook Criteria for K-8th Grade Students
The vote by the State Board of Education on April 17, 2006 can demonstrate bold and visionary leadership by amending and adopting criteria for new reading textbooks to address the low test scores and help narrow the achievement gap for English learners.
State Board to Vote on New Textbook Criteria download

Proposed Reading First Regulations Stop Funding to “Waiver” Reading First Classrooms
The State Board of Education will vote on proposed Title V Regulations for the Reading First Program. It will establish a Reading First Achievement Index that will adversely impact “Waiver” classrooms.
Reading First Title V Regulations download

State Board to Decide Criteria for New Textbooks
New English Language Arts and English Language Development Textbook Criteria for 2008 Adoption.  We need to make sure that these materials support the language and literacy needs of English learners.
Action Alert download
Sample Letter download
Rationale for Amendments download
Amendments to the Criteria download

SB 385 (Ducheny) Assessments Consistent with No Child Left Behind Goes to the Governor’s Desk
SB 385 would require that California’s assessments be valid and reliable for English learners as required by the No Child Left Behind Act.  This alert requests letters to be sent to the governor.

State Board to Adopt Regulations for Uniform Complaint Procedures
Parents', Teachers' and Students' Rights to Complain About School Curriculum, Discrimination and More Being Denied by Proposed State Board of Education Regulations. Read and Action Now Before Jan. 4, 2005!!!!
Title V UCP Proposed Reg Chart download
Title V UCP Proposed Reg Chart (Español) download
UCP Regs Action Alert download
UCP Regs Action Alert (Español) download
UCP Regs Letter download
UCP Regs Letter (Español) download

Letters Needed to Support AB 2413 to Develop and Implement Primary Language Assessments
AB 2413 would mandate development and administration of primary language assessments for students instructed or literate in primary language.
Action Alert download
Sample Letter to the Governor download

Action Alert to the State Board of Education on Title V Regulations to Implement Proposition 227
The State Board of Education will adopt regulations to implement Proposition 227 focused on reclassification criteria, parents’ rights to waivers and other area.
Proposed Regulations to Undermine the Rights of EL Students download
English Learner Regulations/Parental Exception Waivers download

Governor needs to veto SB 347
SB 347 repeals current law that mandates that English Learner parent advisory committees be established at both the school site and district level. These committees have been required for over 20 years and provide an important and meaningful mechanism for immigrant and language minority parent involvement in the decision-making processes that impact their children.
SB 347/Letters to Governor Davis download