Meeting the Unique Needs of Long Term English Language Learners

Apr | 2015

Meeting the Unique Needs of Long Term English Language Learners
A Guide for Educators
by Laurie Olsen, Ph.D.
A National Education Association (NEA) Publication
March 2014
Written for educators, administrators, and policymakers, this booklet provides a research-based overview on the large number of Long Term English Learner students, who despite having been enrolled in United States schools for more then six years, are not progressing towards English proficiency but are continuing to struggle without the English skills needed.
Secondary School Courses Designed to Address the Language Needs and Academic Gaps of Long Term English Learners

Dec | 2014

by Laurie Olsen, Ph.D.

A Californians Together Publication

Well over half of the secondary school English Learners in California are Long Term English Learners – struggling academically and stuck in progressing towards English proficiency despite six or more years in U.S. schools.   Many secondary schools and districts, feeling the urgency of meeting the needs of these Long Term English Learners, are attempting to modify curriculum or create new courses that address the unique language and academic gaps of these students. This new publication culls the lessons learned from districts throughout the state and provides needed guidance for the field. The contents include:

  • Overview of the need for an LTEL course
  • Case studies from four districts about how the LTEL courses were developed
  • Overview of Ten Essential Components of LTEL courses
  • Description of the materials and curriculum drawn upon for LTEL classes
  • Discussion of things to consider in structuring the classes
  • Impacts
  • Discussion of common challenges and lessons learned
  • Recommendations for the state
  • A Planning Checklist to use in preparing for and implementing LTEL classes

Reparable Harm: Fulfilling the Unkept Promise of Educational Opportunity for California’s Long Term English Learners

Dec | 2014

By Laurie Olsen, Ph.D.

This report and research published by Californians Together and funded by The California Community Foundation, presents the results of data from 40 school districts and over 175,00 secondary English learners highlighting the urgent need to address the language and academic needs of Long Term English Learners (LTELs). It calls upon state policymakers and leaders to provide solutions and outlines basic principles and promising approaches for school districts to meet the needs of LTELs more effectively.


Long Term English Learner Articles in ACSA Leadership Magazine

Dec | 2010

The November/December 2010 edition of Leadership published by the Association of California School Administrators contains two wonderful article about the research and district efforts to address the language and academic needs specific to long term English learners.  The research article is written by Dr. Laurie Olsen, author of Reparable Harm, and the district perspective is written by Jennifer Robles, director of Bilingual Education Programs, Ventura Unified School District.  These two articles are posted with permission of Leadership magazine, published by the Association of California School Administrators.